Friday, July 25, 2008

.... the Warner Brothers artists when you need them?

When you drive 2300 miles in five days, stuff happens.  If you're me, weird stuff happens (witness the ghost in our car's air conditioning).  

The Scene: We are getting back onto the interstate after another delicious meal at the Golden Arches, when I hear a loud CRACK.   I was getting out the maps and not looking at the road (I navigate, my husband drives).  So when I do look up I see this on our windshield  (the pencil is there to give you scale).

After another Edvard Munch moment, I shout to my husband "what the h*!! happened?" and after he talks me down from the car ceiling, he fills me in.   

The Facts:  Just after we made the turn onto the highway, a rock rolled up (up mind you) from the road and smacked into our windshield.   

What are the odds?  Before you answer you need to take two other things into account

1. We were in Albuquerque 
2. We had just made a left turn (I kid you not)

Like I said, stuff happens.  If you're me, well, it's bound to be unique.

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