Thursday, July 17, 2008

...are the Bathrooms?

June 6, 2008

Texas is an interesting place, and for the most part I do mean that in a positive way. A couple of very strange things though.

First of all, aside from the usual mile markers and speed limit signs, there are two signs that appear very regularly along Interstate 40

"Don't Mess with Texas"


"Drive Friendly, the Texas Way"

"Don't mess with Texas" could simply be an admonition not to litter, or speed, or break any other traffic laws.

"Drive friendly, the Texas way" puzzled us.

Just how friendly were we supposed to be? Did this imply cozying up to the cars around you or were we talking more of a give-folks-their-space kind of driving? If we are giving folks their space, isn't that more stand-offish than friendly? Isolationist even? I guess they mean simply not being a rude driver, but if I followed the first sign about not messing with Texas, then I would hardly consider being rude.

These are the kinds of thoughts you have after driving over 700 miles.

The second strange thing was the complete lack of rest areas with facilities. Where were all the bathrooms! I have driven across the country many times and I can tell you that that is truly an anomaly. What is in great supply. however, are ranches. I'm quite sure that cattle land is given a much higher priority in Texas than rest area bathrooms. Being confirmed carnivores, Max and I are OK with that. We did have one thought though:

If we relieved ourselves on the side of the road would that be considered messing with Texas?

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