Sunday, November 30, 2008

...My Snow Shoes?

Well folks, winter has finally hit, albeit 22 days early (yes I was counting).

As I look up from my computer and out the window, I see snow falling.  Lots of snow. Big fat flakes of snow.  The kind of snow that looks like some cosmic hand is shaking out a universe-sized feather bed.  

We knew it would happen.   

Folk asked us repeatedly before we left sunny LA if we were prepared for the Michigan winters.  Our response was very simple...

"Probably not"

Yes we have snow gear - ear muffs, scarves, gloves, thick coats, sweaters, boots.  Yes, the firewood is stocked and dry, the chimneys cleaned and inspected.  Yes, the snow thrower (we found out they are called "throwers" not "blowers") is parked in our garage gassed and ready. Yes, we have put salt on our sidewalk.   And yes, we have spent the last several months doing minor fix-ups to winterize the house.

But are we really prepared?

Who knows?

I know that we are the only ones that have been dressing in warm coats, gloves, and scarves since early October (which clearly labels us as "newbies").

I know that my husband eagerly awaits being able to stoke up the engine of his snow thrower.  

I know that we now check the weather forecast more often than we check our email.

I know that I won't see the warm sun until April.

I also know that the scene outside my window looks like a Courier and Ives painting.  Four majestic pine trees, their branches frosted with snow, watch over our yard which is now a sea of white.  

The view is strikingly beautiful.  

Especially, as the heat from our floor registers keeps me toasty warm.

Snow, snow, snow...a veritable winter wonderland - but are we prepared?

We'll see.

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