Monday, December 1, 2008

...Snow Throwers and the Men Who Love Them?

Christmas came early to my household.  Today, my husband finally got to break in his snow thrower!   For weeks, the gleaming red and black Craftsman stood waiting in the garage, calm and confident, ready to show its new owner all of the wonders a large gas-powered tool can bring. And for weeks, my husband eagerly waited, checking the weather, reading the manual, anticipating the moment when he could smell the gasoline, start the engine, drop the auger, gun the throttle, and hit the open road (or at least our snowy driveway).  

Ladies and gentleman, at 8 am this morning, my husband suited-up and in the snowy silence of the morning the Craftsman roared to life.

They worked together effortlessly; the Craftsman, as promised, did not disappoint. 

Here are the photos to prove it.


Men and their toys...

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