Sunday, December 7, 2008

...the Spirit Squads?

If you live in East Lansing Michigan, they seem to be everywhere!  Michigan State University (aka MSU or State) is the life's blood of East Lansing and it seems that the whole town bleeds green and white.

As soon as you cross the East Lansing city line, the typical "City of... " sign lets you know two things, first, that you're in East Lansing, and second that EL is the home of Michigan State University.   Sometimes you see another small sign that says "We Recycle" but that's a different story...

Now if you miss these signs, you can still tell that you're in Michigan State country.  How? you ask.  Well... may be because of the green flags with a giant white "S" that seem to fly everywhere, including all the gas stations. may be because of the hugh green McDonald's may be because of the MSU fan gear that is sold in every store and seems to adorn every desk, like the one at our bank (I kid you not). may even be because you see one of the three dark green water towers here in East Lansing.  (For those unfamiliar with water towers, they are typically a light color to reflect the light) 

No matter where you go you know that, without a doubt, you're in MSU country.   Even the all important flags flying over the main boarders of East Lansing show the priority here: Proudly waving are the the US flag, the State of Michigan flag and (you guessed it) the State Flag.  

We even have our own Hall of Fame Cafe filled with pub grub, big screen TVs and scads of MSU athletic memorabilia.  

The city mood rises and falls with the successes and failures of MSU sports and don't be caught dead wearing Blue and Gold (University of Michigan colors)....

...unless of course you are a UCLA Bruin....

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