Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...the Optimists?

Those who know me, know that when surrounded by horse poo (keeping it PG here), I'm not sitting there looking for Pony. I'm a - Glass half empty - Clouds don't have silver linings, they block the sun and bring rain (or snow)-kind of gal.

I'm not an optimist. To say the least.

So of course during this recent bout of unpleasantness I'm forced to, therapeutically speaking, look on the bright side. OK, if not the bright side, at least acknowledge the positive rather than focusing on the negative. "but I already do" I say, "I believe in giving those around me positive reinforcement, not to focus on the mistakes but look at them as learning lessons and move on"

"No" I'm told, "Not about how you treat others, but about how you treat you"

Now there's a bit of good news...


After a few moments of stunned silence, it begins to sink in. Looking at it honestly, if I treated others they way I treat myself, I would probably be a friendless wonder, alone, and bitter. So why do I always focus on what I haven't accomplished, on what I've done wrong. Why don't I focus on what I have done, and what I have done right?

I look at my therapist like a sheep looks at a 747 and say "This will be like teaching colors to someone who can't see."

I'm gently reminded to take it a step at a time - let's look at work first.

Oh joy.

Where are the optimists when you need them!

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Rumi Music said...

You're just a little depressed. Go get some sunlight and some exercise, then write down all of the negative thoughts buzzing in your head, and write a sentence that refutes it, then write each refutation 20 times a day.

Lee Abramson/Rumi Music

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