Thursday, May 9, 2013

...the Moments Before?

There are times when our lives unexpectedly change course. Where the familiar lies behind us and the unknown lies ahead.

It could be great, it could be tragic, it could effect many or only a few, but whatever it is, life is forever altered. The moment before is now a world away from the moment after. 

Acts, important or trivial, mundane or exotic, will be etched forever in our minds because they, by happenstance or by design, finish a line, end a chapter, or close a book.

Will you be...

Sitting down
Standing up
Turning away
Looking away
Hearing an angry word
Having an angry thought
Hanging up the phone
Closing the door
Walking into the house
Answering the phone
Washing a glass
Closing a book
Turning a page
Reading an email
Turning on the TV
Looking out the window
Turning the corner
Turning the steering wheel
Stepping on the gas

What will you be doing the moment before?

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