Monday, May 13, 2013 Cookbooks?

Mother's Day 2013 is now history.  As I said in my last post, to combat the depression inherent Mother's Day when you no longer have your mother, I made a case for the second Sunday in May being Inner-Child Day.

Yesterday, I took my Inner-Child out for a spin. I played some video games, had bagels and cream cheese, and tried a new recipe for dinner.

I realized, as I watched a mixture, of onions, garlic, oregano, crushed chili flakes, and vodka, reduce, that of all the things I had done that day, attempting a new recipe was the most fun. In fact it was a lot of fun (and not be cause of the vodka, either)!  Although any recipe that requires a cup of vodka - I used Absolut -  has to be tested.

I discovered that cooking really brought me closer to my mother, and brought back the fond food memories I have of her.

Mom was a great cook, with a terrific imagination. When I grew up, money was tight, but she took the food budget and made it work. The results were always delicious (well, except for the lamb curry, but that wasn't really her fault). She worked full-time and still put a hot yummy meal on the table.  Awesome.

In the last decade of her life she had a grudging relationship with tech, very grudging. When she was on the internet she only did two things: read her email and search the Food Network website for interesting recipes. My Stepfather was a very lucky man.

BTW, I'm pretty sure that was the only website she ever visited.

Back to my vodka reduction...

As the mixture reduced, my happiness expanded. Cooking allowed me to connect to and honor my mother without suffering from the sadness and depression I now associate with the Second Sunday in May.

From this day forward, on Inner-Child Day I will nurture my Inner-Child by trying a brand new recipe. Through that, I can connect with my childhood memories of Mom and the wonderful food she made.

My Patient and Caring Husband is completely in favor of this idea for both its gastronomic benefits and because for the first half of May his wife won't be a walking keg of unexploded ordinance.

Oh, the dish tonight was an Absolute  success!

I'll tell you about the now infamous Coconut Lamb Curry Catastrophe in a later post.

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