Saturday, May 25, 2013

... My Lecture Notes?

Yours Truly is going back to school in the fall to pursue a Master's Degree in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Learning.

I'm really excited about it...

...and a bit nervous.

I mean, heck, the last time I was in school there were no blogs like this because there was no damn internet!
  • CERN had only just released it WorldWideWeb (yes, it's spelled right) source code.
  • Microsoft had just released Windows 3.1.
  • And, for the trifecta, Intel had just released the Pentium chip.
Yes, it's been 20 years since I graduated from college.  It seems like a long time...

...that's because it is a long time.


I've been working at universities for most of my career and I have many friends who have received graduate degrees. This is familiar ground.

Going back to school will not be like leaving Kansas in a house and landing in Oz. Although...having a good witch could come in handy...hmmmm...

So, why am I nervous?

Ah ha! It's time to use reality-based thinking, the kryptonite for my rather wretched internal dialogue a.k.a ID. (I know it's in my own head, but it's so much more fun to write like it isn't.)

World Reality-Thinking Championship

Ladies and Gentleman, in the far corner, weighing in at 0 lb. 0 oz, we have ID The Crusher. 

And in the near corner, weighing in at @#$%^^  we have The Kryptonite Kid!

Round 1 - Worrying about all the reading in Grad School

Let the verbal judo begin!


ID The Crusher
"Kid, your memory is failing. You hated reading in elementary school! Fox in Socks didn't count, and neither did Clifford the Big Red Dog!

"Clifford the Big Red dog?...Really?

"The shit you're going be reading is complex, with numbers, theories, math, and everything! You'll never be able to keep up.  Remember Great Expectations?'

Kryptonite Kid
"Why thanks for the softball, ID. I went through my entire school life with undiagnosed ADD. Great Expectations is a perfect example of someone with ADD trying to read the world's most boring book. Hello?  I had no problem keeping up with the reading in high school or college, surely you remember I graduated from UCLA Magna Cum Laude. 

"That's latin for 'very high honors honors' in case you didn't know that, ID.

"Now that I have my ADD meds, I'm focused without having to spend extra energy trying to focus. I should be able to handle the reading even better than I did as an undergrad."


Kryptonite Kid =1  ID The Crusher = 0

Round 2 - Worry about all the writing in Grad School

Let the verbal judo begin!


ID The Crusher 
"You know you'll be doing a crap-ton of Writing?  Didn't it take you twenty five drafts to complete your two-page self-statement?  I don't think you'll be able to do 25 drafts of a 35 page term paper! You are soooo hosed."

The Kryptonite Kid
"That self-statement was all about me. Which I admit, I have difficultly writing about, no thanks to you! Nonetheless, even with your continued interference, I did it, and I did it well - I was accepted into 2nd best school for Education in the country, wasn't I?

"Besides, you know I've spent my whole professional life writing reports, memos, and proposals.

"ID, you're slipping. Come on, is that all you got?"

ID The Crusher
*Starts to look nervous.*

" about being one of the oldest in your cohort, huh? That'll make it hard to fit in. You'll feel like a loner."

The Kryptonite Kid
*Cracks knuckles*

"Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. That was the same scenario in college. You know, non-tradiational student? I did just fine, and made several good friends.

"I got you on the ropes, ID."


The Kryptonite Kid
"I'm nervous because this is a change in my life, but that's normal, one would expect to be nervous. But I have no reason to believe that I will have a problem handling graduate work.

"So there!"

*ID The Crusher falls*


Presenting the winner by knock out, and new champion - The Kryptonite Kid!

My therapist will be so proud!

Yes, being in my head is never boring....

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