Saturday, May 11, 2013

...Our Inner Children?

Since Mom passed away, Mother's Day has become a mixed blessing for me, especially if you substitute "bag" for "blessing."

The part of me that is a mom enjoys hearing from my, now married, daughter.

However, the part of me that's a daughter would rather forget the day even exists.

Which is practically impossible unless I stay in my house, and of course:

don't talk to anyone
don't watch TV
don't read magazines
don't listen to radio
and stay off the Internet.

Basically, I would need to become a hermit. Although not the kind who lives in the woods in a one-room cabin with an outhouse. Wanting to ignore Mother's Day doesn't mean I want to ignore personal hygiene and the comforts of a flush toilet.

Given that I've been out of the house several times this week and I'm currently writing a blog post, talking to my husband, and watching Person of Interest, clearly I've failed at the hermit angle.

Which is probably accounts for why I've been in a bad mood since May 1st.

Anyway, I know I'm not the only person who has lost their mother, and there are women who have never been mothers (by choice or not).

That's why I think we should have an "Inner Child Day." One day a year where we can nurture the child in all of us. I'd say mother our inner child, but that probably wouldn't work for many of the guys. Although, they may not like nurture either, but hey, It's my idea, my rules.

For those who say they already indulge their inner child, trust me you ain't nurturing it. Being pickled, high, or stoned, whatever you want to call it, it is not nurturing. If you think it is, go to Merriam-Webster and read the definition.

Nurturing our inner child is something we could all benefit from. A day when we allow ourselves to simply have fun, do something silly -  play in the rain, have ice cream for dinner, take batting practice, play mini golf...Do something that lets you throw back your head and laugh, really laugh.

For the troublemakers out there, do something that doesn't involve causing others discomfort. Nothing that has to do with intestinal gas, foul smells, property destruction, etc. I don't care if it makes you laugh, that's not nurturing, either. 

So on this second Sunday of May, for all of you who feel like me, don't become a hermit, do something fun.

I think tomorrow, I may play video games all day.

Mom would approve.

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