Friday, May 10, 2013

...the Screenwriters?

Mom would have been 69 this month.

It's been four years and I still can't believe she's gone. I cannot escape the feeling that it wasn't supposed to happen this way.  She wasn't supposed to die for a long time. She was supposed to dance at my daughter's wedding. Disbelief still fills my heart and mind.

And it would seem my subconscious agrees (or is a real douche-canoe)...

I've filmed a movie and it's the premier. I attend, tricked out in an expensive designer dress to dazzle my fans.  

But, for some reason there is no red carpet...

I sit watching the movie, planning my Golden Globe acceptance speech (we all know how the academy feels about comedies). Then I see the final scenes...

Who the hell changed the damn ending?

That wasn't what we filmed!  We filmed a comedic feel-good movie not an f*ing tragedy!  The lights come on in the theater and I look at my co-stars, who are dabbing their eyes, completely oblivious to the fact that we never filmed those scenes.

I stand in front of them waving my well manicured hands. "Hello, we didn't film this, remember? They must have used some kind of F/X magic and Gumped us into the end of another movie!"

I get no response, it's like they don't even see me (which would mean I spent a hell of a lot on this Armani dress for nothing).

I stalk over to the director. "Alright buddy, I've heard of artistic license, but this is twaddle. This is not the ending I filmed. I'm going to talk to my agent."

My director also fails to notice me. 

How am I going to win a Golden Globe if no one can even see me?

 - I shit you not, that was the thought that went through my head -

Finally, I grab my phone and call the screenwriter. The one person who can tell why the damn scripted was changed. It rings and then I hear. "The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service."

I look at my phone and scream.

At that point, I wake up and realize it was just a dream. Mom's just fine, in fact she calls me to say hello.  Life is good.

Then I really wake up and it's all true, well except for the whole movie filming thing.

My mother is really gone. Even now it still feels like a punch in the gut.

And I still want to find the damned screenwriter!

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