Monday, June 17, 2013

...The Euphemisms?

Birthdays. Love them or hate them, they happen every year...until they don't.

My father would have been 73 today.  He always hated his birthday.  The year I was old enough to be a wise ass (no, I was not born that way) Dad's birthday happened to fall on a Monday.  

Before he left for work, instead of wishing him a Happy Birthday, I wished him a Happy Monday!  

At first he thought I was being sarcastic about the 'oh, so wonderful first day of the work week.'

Then I explained, "Well, it's got to be better than Happy Birthday?"

He laughed as he left for work, something my mother said he never did.  

From that time until the end of his days, I would come up with euphemisms for Happy Birthday.

Some were easy:
  • Wednesday - Happy Over the Hump Day
  • Friday - Happy Friday
  • Father's Day - Happy Father's Day

But what the hell could I do about Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays?

Sometimes, my deliverance would come in the form of an event that happened on or near his birthday:
  • My High School Graduation was Happy Father of the Graduate Day
  • At the end of 11th grade it was Happy Your Daughter Got Straight A's Day
Sometimes I had to resort to 
  • Happy Whatever Floats your Boat Day
  • Happy Day Before Friday Day
  • Happy Satur Day
  • Happy Day-We're-Not-Supposed-to-Mention Day
No matter what euphemism I used, Dad always laughed. 

Which for a man who hated his birthday, was really the Holy Grail.

I miss coming up with the euphemisms. 

I miss my Dad.

Dad, wherever you are -  "Happy I was Blessed with a Wonderful Father Day.


Robert Arcuri said...

My brother was,without question, one of a kind. Who else would refuse to pay "revenue enhancements" because even Hitler could control the Gestapo. (revenue that?) I miss you Ange.


Angie Belin said...

I miss you, too!

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