Saturday, June 8, 2013

...the Fractions?

My husband and I are driving down the road in De Witt, Michigan when we see this sign:

Five thirds?  I hear you say.

That's what I said, too, along with...
"Five Thirds of what?"
"Maybe it's supposed to be one and two thirds?"
"Something greater than one?"
"Why kind of business names itself Five Thirds?"

My Ever Patient and Observant Husband pointed to the building (which is set back aways from the road sign) and says, "It's a bank. It's called Fifth Third Bank."

Was that enough to appease Yours Truly?

Of course not...

"So if it isn't a fraction, why right it as one?"
"What kind of bank calls itself Fifth Third? "
"Does it mean the fifth Third Bank?"
"Are they better than a whole bank?"
"Is it 2/3 better than a whole bank?"

My Ever Patient Husband sighs, "Just look it up."

Within minutes of arriving home, I opened my computer and typed into Google "Why is fifth third bank called that?"

I found the answer in the bank's press and media FAQ on their website, (which is apparently this question comes up a lot,  because was the third one on the list.

According to the bank:

"In 1871, the Bank of the Ohio Valley was purchased by the Third National Bank. With the turn of the century came the union of the Third National Bank and the Fifth National Bank, and eventually the organization became known as "Fifth Third Bank.""

....So I guess they couldn't be the Eighth National Bank?

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Robert Arcuri said...

I'll never bank at one who's name is an improper fraction. Now if it was the 1 2/3rds bank, that might work.

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