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There are rules I have in order to deal with my ADD once my medicine wears off. They are simple:

After 8:00 pm, among the things I'm not allowed to do are:
  • watch newsmagazines
  • check the news online
  • start new recipes
  • look at Facebook
Why you ask? Well, I see things that set off what my Ever Patient Husband calls my Paladin Mode. Not in the religious sense, but in the "I see injustice and I must right it!" sense.

This may sound like a good reaction, but it can lead to unfortunate things, like downloading the Federal Budget...I'll tell that story some other time,

Well, today I blew the "Don't Look at Facebook" rule. What can I say, I thought it was earlier than it was.

Big, big mistake.

One of my Facebook friends ranted about AARP. As I turn 50 tomorrow, you could see how this caught my attention.

Bad, bad news.

In my opinion the rant misrepresented several things. Now you might say,  "So? Just ignore it?"

So, not an option.

Here is my reply.


"First, there is AARP for which there are membership dues, and the AARP Foundation. I am guessing you are referring to the non-charitable operation. 

Your rant is…well a rant, but it also is misleading. So let me try to clear a few things up for those reading your post.

1. AARP and Social Security

My husband said it well; “AARP is a somewhat conservative political group, which provides information to its membership based on its political agenda. They believe that Social Security reform is necessary and their website gives an analyses of the different reform suggestions currently on the table in Washington. However none of these involve ‘dismantling’ Social Security, and the correct term is defunding not dismantling”

I am far more liberal than my husband and even I know that there have to be some changes or even cuts made to Social Security so we all can draw on it when we retire. If your want to attack those who are trying to defund Social Security, then rant about the people who actually do want to defund it or, worse, want it privatized.

My late Father-in-Law’s was a career CPA/ Federal auditor. He understood the complexities of Social Security better anyone I’ve known. He believed then, and he would now if her were here, that there are adjustments and cuts that can be made to keep Social Security alive (which is something us liberals want). Your rant about them not being liberal enough is unproductive and gives the rest of us liberals a bad name.

Bottom Line: if you don’t agree, then don’t join.

2. Regarding the Affordable Care Act.

As much as I hate it, the compromises were necessary to get the folks on the other side of the aisle on boar,  it is far, far better than what we had before! I know this because of my daughter's illnesses and mine, I  have had an in-depth course of the Act. Is it perfect? No, we all know that. President Obama didn’t like the compromises either. AARP s website, however,  has done a damn good job at explaining and clarifying what the act does and does not do, for example “AARP’s health care guide for more information about how the Affordable Care Act provides tangible benefits to seniors” 

3. You wrote: “Their number one source of income is the crap they sell to their membership, from cheap glasses to bland magazines to crap insurance policies (reverse mortgage anyone?).”

A. The depth of the resources both online and in their bulletins (not the same as the magazine) are quite useful. They also have radio and TV programs. Their topics may seem bland to you, but you are your own N of 1. Many others do not see it that way, me included.

B. Insurance Policies. I looked at the insurance policies they offer. They seem reasonable. The Healthcare ones are not designed to be stand-alone policies. They are to augment Medicare and primary insurance like Blue Cross. Dental is Delta Dental, which I have through my employer. Personally, I think their Small Business Insurance is great.

C. Reverse Mortgage: This quote should settle the issue—
“One slick TV spot after another, reverse mortgages are touted as an easy means to a carefree lifestyle. Actor Robert Wagner, Henry 'the Fonz' Winkler and even former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson assure older homeowners that they can 'live a better retirement' with a reverse mortgage. But what the ads don't show is the heartbreak that these complex loans — which allow homeowners to convert part of the equity in their homes into cash — have brought to a number of homeowners.” —AARP Bulletin April 2013.

So, gentle reader you can now see why Angie shouldn't read Facebook after her med wears off.

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